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Special Guests

Hurley Haywood is America’s greatest endurance sports-car racer. He is a three-time Le Mans overall winner, five-time Rolex 24 at Daytona winner, and has won the 12 Hours of Sebring twice. He is also a two-time IMSA GT champion and a SCCA Trans-Am champion. Hurley recently retired as many-year head driving instructor at the Porsche Driving School and has been a Porsche brand ambassador since 1969. In 2018, he released his very successful autobiographical book HURLEY: From the Beginning. He is currently retired and spends his time between his homes in Florida and Vermont.

Sean Cridland is a former Roadrunner Region President (2007) and former editor (with Sandra One Feather) of the Roadrunner Ramblings (2005-2013). He chaired two Fiesta New Mexico events (2005, 2006) and was chair of the 2008 PCA Escape (now Treffen) in Albuquerque. He was the PCA Zone 9 Representative from 2009 through 2012. Since then he has been writing articles and shooting photos for Porsche Panorama, Excellence, 356 Registry, 000 Magazine, Road Scholars, and Flat Sixes. In 2018 he co-authored and published HURLEY: From the Beginning and in 2022 authored the multi-volume BRUMOS: An American Racing Icon. He is currently working on two more books; one on Renée Brinkerhoff’s seven continent adventure with her 1958 Porsche 356 and another about a 1973 Carrera RSR with a special racing history. 

Live Auction featured artist: Karen Barrow

We will hold a live auction during our Farewell Dinner that will depict cars driven by Hurley Haywood during his illustrious career.

Karen Barrow

Born in Detroit, I grew up in East Lansing, Michigan, and moved to Tampa in 1981.  I now live and work in Naples, FL.

I began painting in 2001, after raising my three children.  I attended Ringling College of Art & Design where my painting was selected for The Best of Ringling juried show.  I worked as an Associate Curator and Art Director for Naples area galleries while continuing to paint full time in my studio. 

I experimented with a variety of styles, subjects, and mediums, until I developed the bold style of paintings I am known for.

My first automotive pieces were inspired by the Oldsmobiles manufactured near my hometown.  As collectors began sharing stories of the cars they had owned, I was fascinated by the emotional connection between people and their cars. 

 The freedom of that first car, the one driven to homecoming, the one you always wanted, the one you saw taking the checkered flag—these machines tell the story of one’s life.  People, places, and individual history are associated with automobiles that we owned, loved, desired or fantasized about.  In turn, these machines become our historical touchstones.  I sometimes reflect that the work is really about people.

I began traveling to Sebring International Raceway for more inspiration.  I followed IMSA racing to Road Atlanta, Daytona International Raceway and Long Beach.  My work has been featured at the Seven Sebring Hotel, The Boston Cup Classic Car Show, Cars on 5th, Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance, The Monaco Grand Prix, and The Chattanooga Motorcar Festival.  I have exhibited at galleries and museums in Florida, California, Michigan, Massachusetts, New York and Monaco. I have collectors throughout the world.

The paintings layer images from my photographs, stencils, paint, mediums and sometimes auto parts.  I brush and scrape clear mediums and paint, allowing both careful planning and chance to play equal roles in my artwork.  I combine the technology of digital photography and the broad strokes of the action painters to create my own digital expressionism. 

I love how vehicles tell the history of racing, culture, technology, and innovation.  In my latest series, I explore Porsche’s evolution.

I have specialized in automotive art for over ten years and have completed over one hundred commissions.  Every subject, from rare exotic cars to a 1970s work van, has a story that I am challenged to visually communicate through my artwork. I feel incredibly lucky that every painting and every project provide the opportunity for exploration and growth.

–  Karen Barrow